Flight F4 Racing foil


Introducing our newest addition to the foil family: the F4 Racing Foil. A fully evolved, high-performance racing experience, shaped and crafted through months of development, CFD simulations and water testing. We have reduced drag by integrating the fuselage into the front wing as well as the tail adjustment within the foil.The High Modulus Carbon construction makes it the stiffest foil ever produced. These solutions and innovations truly make the difference and help reinvent the racing experience, ensuring it feels like nothing else. The F4 Racing stands for power, speed, balance and control on all courses and racing formats. Race riding: Evolved.



  • Mast:105cm

  • Front wing span: S - 78cm / M - 90cm / L - 100cm

  • Tail wing span:S - 42cm / M - 42cm / L - 46cm

  • Base: Deep Tuttle

  • Fuselage Length: S - 85cm / M - 100cm / L - 120cm

  • Construction:Full Carbon Pre-preg

  • Weight:Mast: 2.55kg Wing & Fuselage: S - 1.65kg / M - 1.95kg / L - 2.3kg


Front Wing S: 

  • Span: 78 cm
  • Top Area: 774.5 cm2
  • Bottom Area: 769.1 cm2
  • Cord Length: 12 cm

Front Wing M:

  • Span: 90 cm
  • Top Area: 892.1 cm2
  • Bottom Area: 886.4 cm2
  • Cord Length: 12 cm

Front Wing L:

  • Span: 99.9 cm
  • Top Area: 1030.6 cm2
  • Bottom Area: 1025.9 cm2
  • Cord Length: 13.5 cm

Tail Wing S:

  • Span: 42 cm
  • Top Area: 242.9 cm2
  • Bottom Area: 245.4 cm2
  • Cord Length: 7 cm

Tail Wing L:

  • Span: 46 cm
  • Top Area: 259.6 cm2
  • Bottom Area: 261.7 cm2
  • Cord Length: 7 cm

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The new foil with the integrated fuselage and the newly designed wings has zero drag and is incredibly stiff because of the high modulus carbon. I noticed a huge difference in speed and responsiveness straight away, especially when the wind is light.
The stainless steel clamp to tune the back wing is an amazing system to let you keep the same tuning every time you take the foil apart and put it back together again.
Enjoy the speed of this new racing foil!
Antoine Albeau, 25x World Champion


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