Flight Al

The Flight AL is our newest Freerace Aluminum foil. Durable, fast and suitable for a wide wind range! The fuselage is perfectly molded into the aluminum mast, therefore this foil has minimal drag. For this foil wings we used high-pressure molded Pre-preg carbon with inner foam, specifically developed for high??performance foiling. This foil delivers maximum durability to weight ratio.

While it is a faster and more lean foil, it is great for riders that have recently begun foiling and are ready for the next level and more fun on the water.


  • Mast: 82 cm
  • Front wing span:73 cm
  • Tail wing span: 42 cm
  • Base: Deep Tuttle
  • Fuselage Length:71.5 cm
  • Construction: Aluminum / Pre-preg carbon layout with inner foam

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The new design of the Flight Al is stiffer and faster than the first version. Also the foil is still very easy to jibe and more powerful which allows to keep the fly longer in the light airs and gives you also more angles for upwinds.

I would recommend to use this foil with a free ride sail, V8 is for me the best sail for that foil. JULIEN BONTEMPS, Olympic Rider

This foil is perfect also for foil beginners, and what I do like a lot is this evolution from the last year's aluminum foil. Antoine Albeau, 28th PWA Slalom Champion

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