RS:One Convertible Board

The RS:One Convertible board is the perfect versatile board to train, progress and compete.
It has been developed to perform in both operating modes: Foil Racing and Slalom.
The board features a strong, glass carbon sandwich with reinforced areas and cross-board carbon anti torsion lay-up. Capable of taking off from as little as 7 knots of breeze, the RS:One Convertible board will also deliver explosive fin acceleration with amazing control.
The pathway to Windsurfing Racing.


- Optimized volume distribution featuring a narrower and thinner tail as compared to a traditional windfoil board design. This unique shape allows the speed and control not to be compromised when using in the fin mode and rough conditions.
- Flat deck to optimize power delivery when foiling and control in fin mode.
- "Touch and go" V shape to maintain speed and facilitate the take off after touching down the surface of the water.
- Multiple footstraps position for optimal windfoil and slalom trimming while offering the best comfort as possible.


- Glass carbon sandwich with biaxial carbon.
- Additional reinforcements on nose and fin box critical areas.
- Load transfer Carbon-Cross connecting the foil box, mass track and foot straps all together into very strong, torsion resistant structure.
- Deep Tuttle reinforced carbon box.
Length Max Width Weight Volume Construction Fin/Foil Attachment Code??
230cm 80cm 7.4kg 134 litres Carbon Glass Sandwich Deep Tuttle DNPRSXCB0

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