- Pressure Flow Forged aluminum Head
- Monocoque aluminum tail extension
- T6 series alloy arms
- Twin-Pin Trimlock adjustment system
- Integrated boom lever
- VT-Joint lateral locating button - Arm diameter: 30mm


Loop to hook outhaul system

Identical geometry as used on the carbon wave booms. Perfectly symmetrical / low friction / no crossing lines / allows the clew to be trimmed 100% to the back of the boom.

Integrated adjustable outhaul pulleys

Pre-assembled pulleys / no friction / no crossing lines / easy and efficient outhaul trimming while sailing.


Glass fibre reinforced injection moulding

The NeilPryde VT-Joint provides a stiffer boom connection and a more responsive transmission of the sails power while protecting the mast.

Key benefits:

- Increases contact area from the boom attachment to the mast.
- Reduces chance of point loading.
- Minimises?? between the boom and mast connection.

The shape provides a second point of contact between the cup and the mast creating a tighter connection and a greater transmission of power than ever before.


Length Adjust/cm Arm Diameter/mm Adjustment Code
175-225 50 30 Twin Pin Trim RBRSOC175