Flight F4 EVO foil

The FLIGHT F4 EVO foil is the Formula One racing foil in our range. This evolution has been designed in collaboration with F4 USA. The FLIGHT F4 EVO features a full carbon pre-preg construction.

With an extended fuselage length, FLIGHT F4 EVO offers improved Upwind/Downwind performance and more comfortable riding. The new tail stabilizer with a precise connection and adjustable wing angle dramatically increases stability, especially noticeable during jibing.

FLIGHT F4 EVO maintains a very stiff construction ensuring low drag, allowing the rider to use every gust for acceleration. The high-lift front carbon wing allows for early take off, great lift and generates amazing stability.


  • Mast: 95cm
  • High-lift wing span: 80cm
  • Tail wing span:38cm
  • Base: Deep Tuttle
  • Fuselage Length:75.2 cm
  • Construction:Full Carbon Pre-preg
  • Weight: 3.9 kg (with Packaging:6.92 kg)

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I tried this foil for the first time with a 10m2 sail in 15 knots and was really impressed about the stability and performance. It has become more powerful compared to the previous version, and at the same time it improved a lot in stability. The new system of the tail is just amazing and so easy to adjust and helps you to quickly find the right trim. The new Flight F4 Evo works great with freeride sails but also for high performances racing sails. - Julien Bontemps, Olympic Athlete, Team Rider Windsurf

The Flight F4 Evo is the machine to win and overtake when you race with friends. I was involved in the development to make it one of the best foils on the market, and in my opinion we succeeded! - Antoine Albeau, 28th PWA Slalom Champion

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