Tilo Eber

Date of Birth: 17.5.86

Country and Residence: Germany, Hamburg

My motto: Nur ein Otto braucht ein Motto :)

My favorite spot: Klittmöller, Büsum

Where can you find me most of the time during the year: In my van somewhere between the Northern and Baltic sea

Sponsors: JP, Neilpryde, Maui Ultra Fins

Disciplines: Freestyle, Wave

My favorite trick: Shifty

Accomplishments: German Freestyle Battle 2nd Place Fehmarn 2018 & 2017; 1st Place 2016;

My favorite NeilPryde product: The Combat Wetsuit 

What everybody should know about me: I’m actually pretty tall, I just have really bandy legs. 

What do I do besides windsurfing: Tennis, Skiing, Travelling, drinking beer.

Social media channels:

Facebook: Tilo Eber 


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