Growing up in the south of Germany Windsurfing has never been more then a nice pastime during holidays at Lake Garda or on Sardinia - till the day I saw someone doing the first Spock on flat water. Suddenly Windsurfing became much more interesting for me, as it was possible to do cool things with a Windsurf-board on a lake, which Bavaria hast got plenty of. I got more and more into Freestyle and decided to move to Germany’s windsurfing-capital Kiel in the very north of Germany. After two years of the PWA World Tour in the top 15 of the Freestyle overall ranking, I changed my focus from competition-sailing to a more romantic view on windsurfing, as I always thought that windsurfing should not be limited to only one spot or discipline. Therefore I keep on travelling around the world to find new spots and meet other people, doing both freestyle and wave riding with the same passion.

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