I started windsurfing when I was about 10 years old. I was lucky enough my two elder brothers took me to beaches around my hometown so I could always be on the water when it was windy. Soon I discovered that all I wanted was to find and sail sick waves around the world. My travels took me to almost every continent. While discovering Australia, Chile, Hawaii, Europe, Indian Ocean, Africa my will to compete grew stronger and stronger. At first nothing went like planned and I lost a lot of first round heats. With a bit more experience though I managed to accomplish results I can be happy with. In 2013 I finished the PWA wave ranking with a 9th place and made it to the final of the Red Bull Storm Chase - windsurfing's most extreme contest format! Until 2014 I studied at the University of Kiel. Now, graduated from Uni and with all the support from my new sponsors NeilPryde and JP and I want to seek out to new shores and bring back the best pictures and results.

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