I was born on a farm in New Zealand sometime back in the 80’s, into a family devoted to the water. Growing up I spent just about every weekend on the ocean, fishing with my grandparents or sailing with my mum. At school I first learnt to surf,  then windsurf, and when kite boarding finally came to town I gave that a go and was instantly hooked.

When I was 18, I sidestepped university "temporarily" and became a kiteboarding bum, working in the local kitesurf shop and riding as much as possible.I used this lifestyle as a platform to compete both at home and overseas and was NZ freestyle and Wave champion.

A few years ago I started wakeboarding as something to do when it wasn’t windy. Wakeboarding quickly became a passion and I started competing as much as possible. The great thing about both sports is that you can attack them from the same angle - for me that is riding as big and as clean as I can. I am extremely lucky to be able to do something I love in just about any weather condition – so long as I can find some water I can ride it.

I ride  as much as possible – wake style kiting when its windy, and behind the boat when its not. I see wakeboarding and kiteboarding as the same sport – the only difference being the vehicle that pulls you. 

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