On the 9th of January the waiting period opens for the start of the worlds most challenging windsurfing contest in the world!  The Red Bull Storm Chase. 

This events brings together the best 8 windsurfers from around the world to complete in conditions that see wind speeds hit over 100kph.  While many a mere mortal will hide away from conditions like this these elite windsurfers will battle it out hoping to become crowned the winner of the 2017 Red Bull Storm Chase.

This year NP is proud to become one of the office sponsors of this event.  We where approached by Red Bull to help them produce a range of technical products that would protect competitors not only on the water but on the beach.

Don’t miss any of the Red Bull Storm Chase action, More on the NP Collection at a later date, but for now follow the Facebook page to make sure you know when they give the go ahead, and keep an eye on the page for all things Storm Chase.

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