Report from Ansis Dāle.

The international wind and kitesurfing regatta 2017 NeilPryde Baltic Cup Latvia and European Formula Windsurfing Cup was held at the Karosta(former Soviet navy base bay) at the Baltic Sea coast of Liepaja, Latvia from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th of August. Three day event brought together best windsurfers and kitesurfers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, including 2017 Formula Windsurfing Masters World Champion Janis Preiss (Latvia).

The well known slogan for the locals: “Liepaja is the city, where the wind is born!” proved 100%, again. Sunny, warm and windy conditions from 15 – 30 knots(!) dominated three day regatta.

“The weather was great, but at the same time challenging and demanding, as always in Liepaja! All classes – Formula Windsurfing, Formula Kite, RS: X, Raceboard and Techno 293 had a chance to hold as many races as possible,” said Mr. Juris Vasioleks, the Latvian event organiser.

The regatta was kicked off on Friday by windsurfer classes Formula Windsurfing and Kite Formula, Techno 293, Raceboard and RSX, who enjoyed the sunny weather and strong wind conditions. Estonians dominated in Kite class, but Latvians dominated in all Techno 293 classes (3,5, U13, U15 and U17), as well as in Raceboard, RSX and Formula class. Four races for Formula and Kite class and three for Bic, Raceboard and RSX had been sailed.

On Saturday, the weather was rather tough. The wind was up to 30 knots. It was too strong for windsurfer classes. Only, 2 races were managed for Kite class.

The last day of regatta came exactly as wind forecast predicted; from 17 knots at beginning up tp 25-30 knots at the end! After the decisive races, the winners of the Latvia event are the following :

Tecnho 293     U13 3.5m       Valters Videnieks (LAT)

Techno 293     U13                Davis Mazais (LAT)          

Techno 293     U15 Boys        Matiss Punte (LAT)

Techno 293     U17 Girls        Anija Punte (LAT)

Techno 293     U17 Boys        Emils Punte (LAT)

Techno 293     Open              Aleksandra Kaupa (LAT)

Raceboard                            Namejs Dreimanis (LAT)

Kite Formula                         Madis Kallas (EST)

Formula Windsurfing             Janis Preiss (LAT)

Overall 2017 Neil Pryde Baltic Cup winners, followed by Lithuanian and Estonian events are the following :

Tecnho 293     U13 3.5m        Valters Videnieks (LAT)

Techno 293     U13                 Davis Mazais (LAT)          

Techno 293     U15 Girls          Margaret Kalm (EST)

Techno 293     U15 Boys          Matiss Punte (LAT)

Techno 293     U17 Girls          Anija Punte (LAT)

Techno 293     U17 Boys          Emils Punte (LAT)

Techno 293     Open                Aleksandra Kaupa (LAT)

Raceboard                              Aldis Surins (LAT)

RS:X                                      Namejs Dreimanis (LAT)

Kite Formula                           Madis Kallas (EST)

Formula Windsurfing                Janis Preiss (LAT)

Many thanks to the event crew : Juris Vasioleks, Janis Dale, Janis Jekabsons, Arnis Krauklis and others, who helped to organise successful and exciting event.

NeilPryde Baltic Cup is an internationally recognized Formula Windsurfing class racing series that gives points in the Formula World ranking.

Latvian NeilPryde Baltic Cup and Formula Windsurfing European Cup is sponsored by Extreme Sports, LSFP Latvijan Sports Federation union , Topper club.

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