Lasse Brudek



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Surfcompany, K8 Architecture, NP Surf, Neilpryde, JP Australia


Raceboard World Champion U17 2009
German Champion U17 Raceboard 2009
German Vice Champion Bic Techno 2011
1. Place DWC Eckernförde and Großenbrode 2012 (Rookie)
German Vice Teamchampion Raceboard 2012
30. Platz Total annual ranking DWC 2014
17. Platz Total annual ranking GWA 2015


I am from a nice town at the North Sea coast of Germany it isn’t that big but you can find a lot of spots and surf at all wind directions. First time when I sailed I was just 3 years old. My parents have a windsurfschool and are both very good surfers. So they gave there passion to me. Since then I was more and more in water. Trying new moves and improve my level. After the first steps I started competing in 2005. Just a few races in my hometown but it was a lot of fun. So I was infected from the windsurf virus and started competing in the Raceboard, Youth-Olympic and Olympic Class. This was not only fun it was also a lot of hard training. But I can use it now for Formula Racing and Slalom the classes where I sail for the last 3 years. Now I am focused for the next seasons and my architecture study. So my purpose in the next years is to combine both very good to improve my windsurf skills and finishing the study well…

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