Andy Bubble Chambers


United Kingdom

Current place of residence:


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Neil Pryde, JP, Animal, Club Vass, Boardwise


Freestyle and Wave


British Freestyle Champion for the last 4 years
British Windsurfer of the year 2008
5th PWA Sylt freestyle 2010
9th PWA Aruba freestyle 2011
2nd Tiree Wave Classic 2010
3rd BWA Wales Wave
3rd BWA Ireland wave


My parents moved to Cyprus when I was three and so I pretty much grew up on the beach. They started windsurfing with some of their friends and then joined a windsurfing club. I grew up around windsurfing. I was eight years old when I first got started and since then have never looked back. It’s all I used to think about when I was growing up! From my school I could see the beach and if the wind was up. On my report cards it always used to say “If Andy spent more time looking at the blackboard and less time looking out the window…” 

I just wanted to do it all the time and I’m still the same now. It’s the most fun thing in the world to do! I started competing in 2005 and became British Freestyle Champion in 2007 and have been for the last 4 years. When I joined the Neil Pryde team in 2008 I became UK Windsurfer of the Year and placed 11th in Lanzarote PWA Freestyle 2008. Since then I have had regular top 10 results at the PWA tour events and top 3 in the UK for waves in 2011.



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