Miguel Chapuis

Miguel Chapuis

Full Name      Miguel Chapuis

Nickname: Miguelito

Date of Birth: 2/25/2001

Place of birth: Spain, Seville

Home Town Now: Tarifa

Instagram Handle: @miguelitochapuis

Facebook Page: Miguel Chapuis

Height: 183cm

Weight: 74kg

Marital Status: Dating

Main Disciplines: Windsurf Wave

Favourite Board: 75 Ultimate Wave

Favourite Sail or Wing: 3.7 combat pro

Most Memorable Competition Experience: 

Wining the youth u20 event in Pozo back in 2018 was a super motivating moment for me, as the level was very high even in the youth fleet. This gave me the desire to go for more and achieve bigger goals.

Competition experience you would most like to forget:

Not so much that comes to my mind, but maybe I would say a heat in Sylt where it was dead on shore and I broke the string of my extension in the middle of the heat and I didn’t manage to do anything on the water and came back out so frustrated... 

Most Memorable Out of competition experiences (on the water):    

For me sailing in Saint Leu, in reunion Island on a Perfect peeling pointbreak with only 4 people out and in such a magic scenario.

Out of competition experience you would most like to forget (on the water)    

When I injured my knee.

Favourite move: Pushloop tweaked

Move you are most afraid of: Pushloop Forward

Move you would most like to perfect: Double forward

Best Possible Day:

A day where I get to be productive in my personal life and where I also get to do an epic session windsurfing with not so many people out.

Favourite Music: Funk, Rock, Indie, Rap 

Favourite Food: Wraps

Favourie Spot: Étang Salé

3 things you cannot live without: Nature, sport, good company 

People who have inspired you: Kai Lenny, Victor Ferndez

Career Highlights:

2018 U20 youth worldchamp, 6th European IFCA wave, 13th place PWA pozo 2019 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?       

Working as a web developer on line and living on a beautiful place where I can do what I like

Current Sponsors    

Neilpryde, Jp australia, Mystic, Ozu Tarifa, Tarifa Centro Medico, k4fins


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