Nickname: Keahi 

Date of Birth: 15/12/1992

Country and Residence: Australia

My motto: Any day on the water is a good day on the water

My favorite spot: Cloudbreak, Fiji

Where can you find me most of the time during the year: Usually somewhere between Australia and Hawaii or potentially anywhere around the world.

Sponsors: Cabrinha, Neilpryde, Noir Matter, The Pro Standard

Disciplines: Kitesurfing, SUP, Surfing, Foiling

My favorite trick: Front roll shove it or getting barreled.

Accomplishments: 4x Kitesurfing World Champion

My favorite NeilPryde product: Mission smoothskin top

What everybody should know about me: I’m not a city person. I need to be in or around the water as much as possible.

What do I do beside kitesurfing: Surfing, Foiling, paragliding

Social media channels:

Instagram: @keahideaboitiz