Alexa Escherich



Current place of residence:

Munich, Germany and Costa Calma, Fuerteventura

Sail No:





Neilpryde, JP Australia, Maui Ultra Fins, Fuerte Action, Rene Egli, Fotosotavento


Freestyle, Wave and Speed


2016 PWA Youth World Champion,

17th Tenerife wave
2nd-Dunkerbeck GPS Challenge World Championship Youth
3nd-Dunkerbeck GPS Challenge Canary Islands Woman
3nd-German Freestyle Battle Fehmarn

3nd-Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge European
Championship Junior 1st-Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge
Canary Islands Champion Junior

2nd-Dunkerbeck ISWC European Champion Junior
2nd-Dunkerbeck Campeonato Canario de GPS Junior

Every summer my parents go to Risco del Paso in Fuerteventura for windsurfing and I was always fascinated by that beautiful sport.

When I was watching all the PWA competitions I was dreaming that one day I could do the same. So with 5 years my parents started to teach me windsurfing .

From this moment onwards I was super happy and wanted to be on the water all free time.

I do windsurfing in all vacations and in 2015 I had the chance to live half a year in Spain and to go to school there.

It was a great experience.

It is my dream that my biggest passion becomes my profession.

Windsurfing became a big part of my life. Freestyle and waveriding are my favorite disciplines and I would like to do slalom, too.

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