NeilPryde Windsurfing

  • V8

    Slalom for everyone

    The V8 is a freerace sail that offers incredible acceleration with each gust as well as from non-planing condition. True race sail performance combined with a narrower sleeve, 7 battens and twin Integracams to achieve great handling and light feel. 

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    RS:Racing - a mark that declares the concentrated essence of NeilPryde. Sails with the best technology, speed, power and enhanced specification, designed to propel you across new boundaries. Sails for riders who only play to win.

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  • XC Race Boom

    The all-new carbon race boom featuring the innovative Interouthaul integrated adjustable outhaul system. 

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    Brilliant design isn’t just about what you add.

    It’s what you take away.

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  • Introducing the

    2018 sail collection

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  • Combat

    Pure Design. Pure Legend.

    The legendary Combat wave sail, now with revolutionary Powerfuse™ construction. 

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