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Twin-Cam Performance Freeride

Hornet is the sail of choice for sailors looking for extremely early planing. Pure speed and thrills with accessible race-sail-like performance, in a package that is a breeze to rig and feels light in the hands. Inspired by the Racing Program, the profile ensures high stability levels in gusts or when overpowered. The result is cam-free handling in maneuvers combined with cam-sail straight-line performance and low-end power.



Forceline Panel

Structural laminated panel with radiating yarns that seamlessly absord and disperse loads into the sail body.


ArmourWeb is constructed from full polyester lines at +/-40 degrees, creating an interlaced, woven web for high tear resistance. Available on Fusion / Ryde / Hellcat / Hornet.

Twin Seams

Twice the muscle and twice the endurance. Double stitching is used on all critical seams on all sails allowing them to endure prolonged exposure to high loads and impacts.

Open Integrated Compact Clew

Has all the advantages of the Dynamic Compact Clew and optimized foot outline as well as extra surface under the boom. The gap between the sail and the board is now closed when the sail is sheeting in.


Key Features

Forceline custom laminated clew for optimized strength and load distribution.
Open Integrated Compact Clew for optimized foot outline and extra surface under the boom.
Instant Rotation thanks to the nature of the Integracam that places the leading edge tension just behind the mast as on a no-cam sail.
Component battens: sixtubular-batten configuration reducing weight while giving optimum profile shape and stability. One-rod bottom batten for deep foot profile and durability.

Designer's Comment

Now featuring seven battens and EVO-inspired clew construction, the 2015 Hornet really steps up in performance, especially in top-end speed and control. The super compact Integracam design allows us to combine power and stability of a camberinduced profile with the narrow sleeve size of a no-cam sail.

See it in action

Pro tips

Julien Quentel Very light and fast, plenty of power and drive, the 2015 Hornet offers a race-sail-like performance that is truly amazing.
Enrico Marotti The 2015 Hornet has evolved a lot in terms of performance. I love using it with my slalom boards, even though it’s a freeride/freerace sail that is meant to be used with a freeride board. It has an extremely clean and beautiful twist in the leech combined with gentle softness, making it easy to go really fast.

Sail Specs

SizeLuffBoomBaseBattensCamsIdeal MastTop FinishingWeightCode
5.7 413 188 14 7 2 400 Fixed Head 4.5kg BNP15H000O57
6.2 432 194 2/32 7 2 430/400 Fixed Head 4.7kg BNP15H000O62
6.7 451 201 22 7 2 430 Fixed Head 4.85kg BNP15H000O67
7.2 470 207 10 7 2 460 Fixed Head 5.05kg BNP15H000O72
7.7 489 213 30 7 2 460 Fixed Head 5.2kg BNP15H000O77
8.2 506 219 16 7 2 490 Fixed Head 5.45kg BNP15H000O82
8.7 522 225 32/2     490/520 Fixed Head 5.6kg BNP15H000O87