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RS:Slalom MK6

Freerace / Slalom

The RS:Slalom MK6 is designed on the concept of real world racing. With long distance and GPS sailing trends continuing and the resurgence in slalom racing, the MK6 brings World Cup winning RS:Racing technology to a wide range of performance minded sailors. RS:Slalom MK6 takes the design pedigree of NeilPryde's RS:Racing sail and builds it into a high performance yet user-friendly slalom package. It features a combination of enhanced bottom end power, excellent top end speed, stability and exceptional rotation at every gybe.


  • C1



Quadruple Luff Panel Layout

MK6 features four continuous luff panels that carry most of the sail body shaping. This configuration stabilises the critical section draft position while also providing lightweight yet stretch-resistant way of increasing the film thickness proportional with downhaul load distribution. Continuous panels eliminated horizontal seams crossing the highly loaded leading edge, which increases response of the sail as well as durability. Introduction of this extremely stable leading edge platform that is able to take very high downhaul loads allowed us to integrate Clear Pocket construction in the remaining sail body.


Component Sleeve Construction

The MK6 sleeve is constructed by combining different materials with specific properties to achieve optimum profile entry stability and elasticity, critical for rotation and light weight. The front upper section (1) is made from lightweight woven material that has necessary elasticity and durability to resist wear from direct contact with the mast. Behind this panel there is a low stretch ultra ArmourWeb section (2) that takes high downhaul tension and is critical in stabilising the profile entry, providing smooth bridging between Ultra Cams. Inserted between this ultra panel and the sail body is a very lightweight, rip-resistant laminated film/taffeta with ultra yarns (3). Film controls the stretch, ultra provides ultimate rip resistance and taffeta is crucial for stitch holding. Bottom part of the sleeve is finished using our Luff Glide material as on other NeilPryde sails. This material combines very low friction against the mast (important for smooth rotation) with excellent durability and necessary elasticity in the bottom part.


Clear Pocket Batten Sleeve

On the MK6, overlapping body panels create a sleeve for battens, eliminating the need for traditional separate batten pockets. This obviously saves on unnecessary weight and simplifies construction. Much more importantly, Clear Pockets create a fully symmetrical batten cavity, eliminating the tendency of traditional batten pockets to load differently from one tack to another. Traditional batten pockets, sewn on one side of the sail make the sail body set deeper when they are on the leeward side of the profile than when they are on the windward side. Clear Pockets, set the battens effectively in the middle of the horizontal cross section of the sail, avoiding this problem.



The clew area of the MK6 features a custom laminated Kevlar™ Forceline Panel for load distribution. Load spreading Kevlar™ strips are laminated directly onto the sail body, fanning from the point load at the grommet and continuously crossing over panel joints. This not only provides optimum load distribution but it makes for extremely lightweight yet strong construction eliminating any air pockets present in traditional patch construction.


Compact Clew

3Mini Batcams


5Carbon Leech
Mini Battens

6Batten Chafe Protection

7Kevlar Batten Bridges

8Aerodynamic Boom cutout closure

10Three-Piece Cam Battens

9Dual Clew Eyelets

2Clew Batten

11Dynamic Luff-Sleeve Shaping

12Batcam Screw Adjuster

Single Tube RDM Battens

Single Tube RDM Battens

Single Tube RDM Battens

Dual Tube Batten

Three-Piece Cam Battens

Three-Piece Cam Battens

Three-Piece Cam Battens


1 Integrated Compact Clew

Eliminates the cutout at the clew and connects the foot area with the leech by closing the sail behind the boom end. This results in improved handling, stability and wind range. Available on speed and slalom sizes.

Click here for more details.



NeilPryde's Integrated Compact Clew design eliminates the cutout at the clew and connects the foot area with the leech by closing the sail behind the boom end. This results in improved handling, stability and wind range.



With Integrated Compact Clew, where the clew is positioned forward from the trailing egde, the profile behind the clew is able to twist off when wind pressure increases. The sail automatically adjusts its shape and thus controls excessive power.

In addition, it also creates an 'S' profile on the batten, effectively pushing the deepest profile point forward, preventing it from moving back while overpowered, or enabling to hold pressure and keep the lower leech tight in light winds and while riding upwind.
Draft movement in overpowered conditions without Integrated Compact Clew
Draft movement in overpowered conditions with Integrated Compact Clew

2Clew Batten

Providing clew support and load distribution.

3Mini Batcams

Streamline and reduce weight in critical upper leech.


Innovative suspended camber system dramatically improves sail rotation and acceleration out of gybes. Simultaneous tuning of battens and cambers makes the sail easy to tune.

Click here for more details.

You won't believe the difference

ULTRACAM Performance Technology combined with the RS:RACING's pedigree has resulted in a truly innovative sail that will give you a definitive advantage on the water.

It delivers a new level of performance and control in transitions without compromising stability.

ULTRACAM is featured on the RS:RACING and RS:SLALOM sails.

No cam spacers required for easy
and precise tuning.

Suspended cam is self-adjusting to accommodate different mast diameters.

Batten pressure shared evenly between batten pocket and mast sleeve.

Innovative suspension system for smoother sail rotation and greater acceleration out of gybes. (patent pending)

5Carbon Leech Mini Battens

Provide max support with minimum weight.

6Batten Chafe Protection

Abrasion resistant PU print to help protect the battens from damage caused by rigging or boom contact.

7Kevlar Batten Bridges

To distribute the high downhaul load crossing the battens

8Aerodynamic Boom cutout closure

Prevents the apparent wind from blowing into the mast sleeve and generating drag.

9Dual Clew Eyelets

Allowing fine individual tuning.

10Three-Piece Cam Battens

A 3-piece batten provides the framework for the design of a smooth, lightweight and stable sail profile.

A. Composite tube.

B. Hollow mid-section: medium stiffness.

C. Precision Tapered CNC Batten: variable stiffness.

11Dynamic Luff Sleeve Shaping

A. Increasing the width of the double surface leading edge in the area where the profile is deepest, ie in front of the rider, helps to keep the draft stable in this critical area.

B. Decreasing the width of the double luff in the head allows the sail to twist off more smoothly and under less load. This reduces tension on the leech.

12Batcam Screw Adjuster

For easy and precise tension application.

Click here for adjustment instructions.



  • Three cams on bottom battens for all sizes – one cam less than the EVO6. Less cams make for a softer and lighter rig with smooth rotation, excellent handling during gybes and more user-friendly rigging and de-rigging.
  • 30% narrower sleeve for soft, forgiving feeling and a lighter sailing weight while retaining low-end performance. Water starts are made easier and a little bit less downhaul will be required, as the leech will open with less tension.
  • 100% composite batten construction. Three-piece composite batten construction for best balance between profile stability, light weight and durability.
  • FX100 SDM and Matrix X65 SDM compatible for flexibility and performance adjustment.


Sebastian Kornum
The light weight and soft handling make the MK6 go in any wind condition. Smooth camber rotation and light construction make for easy handling and the experience less physical than with the EVO6. MK6 is an incredible sail that will work for all sailing styles and body weights. I am sure it will be warmly welcomed by club racers as well as other, serious windsurfers who want to go fast or win national races.



September 2014

"A prime pick for those undecided on whether to choose a full-on racing sail or a more freeride-oriented model."

Read full review (PDF)
Read full review (external ink)




Sail Specs

SizeLuffBoomBaseBattensCamsIdeal MastTop FinishingCode
5.8 428 184 28 8 3 400 Fixed Head BNPSMK658
6.4 448 195 18 8 3 430 Fixed Head BNPSMK664
7.0 470 205 10 8 3 460 Fixed Head BNPSMK670
7.8 492 215 32 8 3 460 Fixed Head BNPSMK678
8.6 512 229 22 8 3 490 Fixed Head BNPSMK686
9.5 536 244 16 8 3 520 Fixed Head BNPSMK695