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Sail Care

The following areas should be checked regularly for any signs of wear and tear on your sail:

  • Any dents, wrinkles, imperfections or heavy scratches on the monofilm
    or X-Ply material, particularly around the boom, foot, clew, head and
    leech of the sail.
  • The downhaul pulley attachment point, the clew eyelets, the mast
    plug attachment point.


1. Always rig your sail on grass if possible. For rigging instructions, please read the "Rigging and Tuning Guides" that are supplied with every NeilPryde sail. These manuals can also be downloaded from here.
2. Sails are damaged easily when left to flap in the wind, so take care when the sail is not rigged & under tension (ie. during rigging or de-rigging).
3. Always protect your sail from the sun when not in use. The harmful effects of the sun's rays cause the monofilm material of any sail to breakdown over time. After windsurfing, always de-rig shortly after sailing or protect with a beach cover.
4. Always de-rig your sail after use. For storage, roll the sail tightly from the head, and use the sail bag provided - this helps to prevent premature wear of the monofilm.
5. If possible, store your sail lying flat on the ground & horizontal. Do not place heavy objects on top of the sail whilst in storage. If it must be stored in a vertical position, ensure that the luff pocket rests on the ground.
6. Always rinse the sail in fresh water if storing your sail away for the winter or for an extended period of time.
7. Use warm water and mild detergent to remove persistent dirt.

If any of your NeilPryde products are showing any of the above signs of wear & tear, please contact your local NeilPryde Dealer or Distributor for advice as soon as possible. A list of NeilPryde Distributors and Dealers is available here.


Rigging Video


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