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The Mast

RS:X Mast is based closely on the masts used in NeilPryde windsurfing's existing mast range. The RS:X is a 90-100% carbon mast that has the same bend curves and tapers as the NeilPryde Progressive Flex bend curve. The RS:X is a high performance mast designed to work in all wind conditions, both planing and non-planing.
Reduced diameter for ideal strength/weight/reflex ratio.
Progressive flex allows the sail to twist as dynamically and efficiently as possible.
The light weight of 2.2 - 2.4 kg maximizes the low end performance and ease of turning.
Carbon content 490: 90%
Carbon content 520: 100%

Mast Specs

Size Length Imcs Weight Carbon content Finish Bag
490 490 29 2.20 90% Semi Gloss HardShell
520 520 32 2.40 100% Semi Gloss HardShell

The Boom

The RS:X Carbon Booms have been developed to
achieve the best light weight to stiffness ratio
available in the market today.
Standard diameter hand grip and oversized tail end for optimum stiffness in the longer lengths.
Outhaul kit set Booms are supplied with an adjustable outhaul system for maximum tuning range and instant outhaul trimming while sailing.
Oversized mast cup increases the contact area onto the mast resulting in stiffer, wider, safer load distribution and more direct transmission of power from the boom through the mast and onto the board. Mast cup constructed in carbon for light weight and stiffness.
Twin Pin Trim Lock Adjustment System. The Twin Pin design provides optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end.
Carbon Monocoque (1 piece) boom body for increased stiffness and smoother transmission of the power from the rig through to the board. One piece construction eliminates the play between the joints and reduces the point loading at the screws.
Monocoque carbon tail extension

Boom Specs

Size Adjust / Cm Weight / KG Diameter Material FinishFront Attach Back End
225-265 40/HG 3.05 OverS & 30 Uni-Directional
Pre-preg Carboon / Glass
Monocoque Carbon Head Monocoque Carbon

The Extension

Rounded edges: Provide protection to your feet and board.
The Anti chafe pin: A steel pin under the plastic bridge (right above the clamp-cleat) stops the plastic chafing.
Efficient button and sliding plate stops accidental release.
The Stainless pulleys for less friction and greater durability.

The Base

Chafe pad to minimise damage on the board as the sail is being rotated.
Low profile for optimum control.
Large metal washer under pins for increased durability by preventing point loading.
High Quality tendon used by most high level professional sailors.

Board Bag

8mm PE foam body, 16mm PE foam on nose and tail.
Shoulder strap and carry handle for ease of transport.
Durability of bag edges through outside frame made of Abrasion Resistant material.
Top loading construction. For ease of packing and rail protection. Zip moved away from the critical rail area and impact zone.
Holds 1 board, 1 Dagger-Board and 2 fins.
Wheeled Bag: Reinforced bottom and strong off-road wheels.

Rig Bag

Roof Rack mountable: Solid sliding Roof Rack Strap Tunnels allow the easy feeding of roof rack straps through the bag even when fully loaded with equipment
Wheeled Bag: Reinforced bottom and strong off-road wheels.
Holds 3 mast, 2 sails and 2 booms.
Separate compartments for mast with individual spaces.