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JP Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller

65 young windsurfers got what they came for - wind, waves, lots of friendships and a great time. The 2012 version of the JP Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller had it all.

The JP Young Gun Classic started out with calm winds and great swell in the bay of Klitmøller, so all participants of the famous camp got a fantastic afternoon on SUP and Surf boards borrowed from the local West Wind Surfshop. Stand Up Paddling was new to most of them, but they soon realized the fun, and although the water was only 12C (that’s why Klitmøller is called Cold Hawaii) it was a challenge for the seven coaches to get the youngsters back to the beach before sunset.

The following day provided excellent conditions for beginners and light wind freestyle. Other windsurfers may have complained about the wind speed, but such negative comments are seldom heard in a Young Gun Classic, and not in the 2012 edition either. After sailing and a hot shower, 110 young guns and parents took part in the evening party provided by one of the parents, who happens to run a catering company.

Third day of the camp became a true success with winds averaging 16 knots and periods of more than 25 knots. Most Young Guns went for freestyle at the spot called Krik, and got inspired by the coaches who made spectacular moves right in front of a crowd of parents, who had set up a tent and a huge grill on the beach. Okay, it was cold that day, and there were rain showers in between, but that didn’t prevent people from sailing 4-5 hours – many of them even more. It was a tired bunch of Young Guns, who went to bed early that night.

Fourth day on the 2012 Young Gun Classic was almost a true copy of the PWA event in September. The action took place on the Klitmøller reef with huge waves and wind speeds up to 30 knots. Only a few Young Guns went out in the waves – the others waited until the afternoon, where they went to alternative flat water spots nearby. The wind dropped a bit, and finally it became suitable also for beginners, who had the chance to try out the new JP Explorer that appeared to be a fantastic club racer for both beginners and people going for planing speed with harness and foot straps.

Like usual, each participant was wearing the official Young Gun Classic lycra on the water and throughout the event. The lycra makes it easier for the coaches to recognize the Young Guns, and also for the Young Guns to recognize each other. Besides, it is also a safety thing – and a cool thing to collect and wear after the event too.

JP/NeilPryde teamrider Sebastian Kornum had got together a team of seven coaches who had all been Young Guns some years ago. Today, the coaches are specialists in wave, freestyle or racing, and a couple of them also in Stand Up Paddling. Besides coaching on the water, they were also making seminars in the evenings, showing videos and telling stories from their years with windsurfing.

JP photographer Christian Gøbel was following the Young Guns during the whole week and will be launching a 2012 video soon.
In the meantime, and guaranteed also after, there will be lots of activity on the Facebook Group called YOUNG GUN CLASSIC.


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