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2012 Mormaii Ibiraquera Wave Contest

At 19 years straight, the IWC is the longest running windsurfing event in Brazil. Conditions once again did not disappoint with a full day of north-east wind and 1 meter waves the full double elimination was completed between the 18 wave sailors including competitors from Argentina and France. 

In the first single elimination, sailors were using 4.2s and the best two jumps and two waves were counting with a 10 minute heat duration. 
The usual names advanced and in one of the semi-finals, Kauli Seadi beat Gustavo Pereira (Demolidor) from Argentina while in the other, Wilhelm Schurmann advanced against Konan Lang.

In the looser's final, Konan Lang broke a mast at the start of the heat, while Gustavo Demolidor picked up some good waves and nailed a high push loop. Konan however was saved by his caddie who quickly sailed him some spare equipment and he managed to get some good waves and score big on the jumps with high push loops and stalled forwards to take the third spot. 

In the final, Wilhelm Schurmann started the heat with a high back loop, but the 3x wave world champion Kauli Seadi had his eye on Wilhelm and responded with a tall one footed backloop. 
Both sailors had some incredible waves and on jumps, Kauli landed a nice stalled pushloop while Wilhelm went for the stalled forward.
Kauli secured first place on the single elimination and Wilhelm finished in second after an impressive show by both sailors.

Not to waste any time, the judges decided to start the double elimination straight away. 
Luis Nienkotter, put an impressive performance to advance all the way up to Konan Lang who then stopped him in his tracks and advanced to faced Wilhelm once again. 

The wind dropped suddenly and it was decided that only the best two waves would count and no jumps. Wilhelm and Konan sailed one of the best heats with some nice sets coming through while both sailors ripped. In the end Wilhelm advanced to face Kauli once again on the final. 
The heat started and Wilhelm managed to pick up a nice wave finishing with a nice aerial. Kauli decided to stay closer to the beach and work on the smaller ones ripping them apart. 
Two minutes into the heat, Wilhelm decided to stay outside and wait for another set while Kauli secured two smaller waves. As the minutes went by, both sailors waited outside and every time it looked like a set was coming, it would go left and brake to far outside the competition area. Wilhelm who had the best single wave score of the heat was desperate trying to get his second wave and had to settle for a small one with which he couldn't do much.

After a few minutes Kauli Seadi was deservedly declared the 2012 IWC winner. Wilhelm Schurmann took the second spot and first in masters. Konan Lang came in third and Luis Nienkotter in fourth. 

Kauli Seadi commented: "We had a great event with windy conditions on the single and lighter, more surfing prevailing towards the end of the double. It was a hard heat in the final, with not much waves coming through. I made my bet on the inside to guarantee my two waves and score in the beginning. This was probably my advantage as afterwards I stayed outside with Wilhelm waiting and searching for the set but they just didn't show up. Schurmann was ripping and seemed eager to win, but I held it together and took the win. I am really happy."

Wilhelm Schurmann commented: "I was motivated after having a great heat against Konan with incredible waves. The conditions were the way I like it in the double elimination finals, light side-offshore winds which left the waves super smooth and perfect for surfing. I managed to get a very nice wave at the beginning of the heat and decided to wait outside for another set to complete my two waves. I saw Kauli on the inside securing two smaller waves, but thought that in the 8 minutes remaining, a set had to come through. But it wasn't to be. In the end I had to get a very small wave with 30 seconds remaining just to try something, but knew that wasn't going to be enough even thought my first wave was a good one. I was super stoked to be able to sail against Kauli who is one of the best in the world and really motivates you in the water with his fluid surfing style."

Special thanks to all the sponsors: Mormaii, Art In Surf, NeilPryde, JP-Australia and the Imbituba city council government. 

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All photos by: James Thisted


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