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Get more race days on the water with the CR:X.

The CR:X is a three-strut bow kite design, optimized for low-end power due to its full bodied profile. CR:X kite is designed to maximize power in light winds while ensuring effortless control in strong winds. CR:X delivers a feeling of performance with its sharp turning ability and precise handling; it's tuned to deliver the performance and power needed for racing around a course. CR:X is extremely easy to re-launch in light winds due to the lightweight, three-strut design.

Around the track CR:X delivers exceptional upwind performance and a remarkable amount of power when bearing off the wind on a downwind reach. The unique shape of the CR:X kite allows more experienced riders a welcome mix of power and control.



Kite Specs

Design Profile

  • Sizes = 7m / 10m / 13m
  • 3 strut construction = good in light winds, but keeps stability in higher winds
  • Easy relaunching in all wind conditions
  • Designed to fly forward, but not compromise downwind performance during racing


  • High strength ripstop canopy material
  • NeilPryde exclusive Dacron used for the leading edge and wing reinforcement
  • Compact pulley less bridle made from low stretch bridle line.

Features and benefits

  • A and B settings to tune the feel of the kite as per the rider's preference on bar travel and bar pressure
  • Single Point Inflation system with high flow valves and quick dry Silicone covers that do not absorb or hold water
  • Rear line trim adjustment
  • Low control bar pressure

Size and Code

  • 7m - XO0KO000
  • 10m - XO0KO000
  • 13m - XO0KO000

Premium Kiteboard Pump

  • High Volume, rapid inflation
  • Single to double stroke inflation switch, allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure
  • Kite tether hook
  • High Quality pressure gauge & integrated sand filter
  • Premium high-flow, extra-durable hose with threaded fitting


Pump Specs:

  • Height: 24"/61cm
  • Diameter: 10"/25.4cm
  • Capacity: 2.9L/Stroke


Kite Design

With a lifetime of experience working in windsurf & kite design for the Pryde Group brands, our design team have an ability to design to a brief with refined accuracy and attention to detail that is second to none. The Group's kite design are well known within the kiteboarding industry — we would humbly argue the very best. 

The design team were asked to design a kite that can transform a first time racer from their first lessons, all the way to the top of the podium. The brief was to design a kite that has an incredibly wide wind range, a kite that is easy to handle and relaunch, with a very efficient VMG. After months of extensive development and testing — this is exactly what the team delivered. 

Our kite design team have a very strong working relationship with our board/foil designers Dave and Sue Kay. Their partnership on this project has produced an entirely new concept of convertibility and versatility. The team has created a winning combination of performance, ease of use and affordability, for a whole new generation of racers.

We hope you enjoy the final result.